From Hannes Beer's Photostream "The All Day Everyday Project" INSPIRATION: Today I just wanted to make a design with a skull - can you see it? The All Day Everyday Project is my graphic design diary.

DIY Fabric printing tutorial

How To Print DIY Patterned Fabric

how to print DIY patterned fabric - (kinda like I learned in a college textile class, but with a stencil, not a self-carved stamp, much easier for a one time design)

Up the Boro

You Are My Sunshine

I used to sing this song to my boys when they were babbies (as my mom did for me); both boys could sing this song shortly after they could talk. They still like me to sing it.

#portrait . Hugh Laurie & pills .

For: MONET magazine A mosaic portrait of Hugh Laurie (Dr.House) made out of pills for the cover of MONET Magazine (Brazil).

where's... OPS

Found it!

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Peter Painter picked a pack of perfect peg-leg.

Peter Painter picked a pack of perfect peg-leg.