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Hence white privilege.

In this country, American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate. ~Toni Morrision (Recently, this insight has been misattributed to another great, Maya Angelou.

genealogy humor

[image: drawing of Calvin saying to Hobbes “I’m related to people I don’t relate to”]. girl-in-a-wheelchair: “ Yep, this. It’s more to the case that they don’t relate to me and thus have the desire to.

Calvin and Hobbes -- But you can't make me care.

this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link

It doesn't really help with mistakes, since the 'reader' pauses, stops, starts, and just generally uses whatever tone it wants to, regardless of your punctuation... BUT, that said... it's really funny to listen to :D hehe

Copy and paste an essay into Goggle translate to listen for mistakes. This applies to creative writing, too.


Funny pictures about Human nature summed up. Oh, and cool pics about Human nature summed up. Also, Human nature summed up.

How to write a kickass essay. Literally, the best powerpoint ever created.

How to write the perfect essay. Literally, the best powerpoint ever created. (Excuse the language)