Killieser Avenue Project: sliding glass doors and frameless glass roof to rear extension in SW London

The KELLER minimal windows® Open Corner Sliding Doors by IQ Glass can turn around corners and are the epitome of the indoor-outdoor design trends right now.

Conservatory dining terrace rustic glass room industrial modern

This might be TOO much glass. How will a glass roof handle snow? Also I can't see a way to open this up to open air. But it has the "bring the outside in" look I'm going for.


Barnstorming: the best Australian architecture of 2015 – in pictures

Love the picture window with slim profile. Chelsea Town House by Moxon Architects  Could work in inverse to maintain walkway

Chelsea Town House, London stock brickwork married with minimal glass windows and doors and neatly recessed rainwater down pipes.

La Campana House, Alejandro Dumay & Francisco Vergara

La Campana House / Alejandro Dumay + Francisco Vergara A.

Architectural must have: the window door

Gallery of Studio Dwelling / cmA Arquitectos - 3

This window/door combo really wows. Labor Junction / Home Improvement / House Projects / Window / Door / House Remodels / www.