The Natural Momma in Me: Shape recognition tuff spot

Get a pizza pan and spray with blackboard paint. For a while now, Isabelle has known a star and a heart shape - neither of which she was taught, she just seemed to pick them up.

Noisy Rice Krispies Tuff Spot. Explore the sense of sound by spraying water and paint onto cereal. Adventures of Adam

Noisy Rice Krispies Tuff Spot

Painting with Trains

Tuff Spot Play – Painting With Trains

Shaving Foam Car Tracks Tuff Spot. Use shaving foam and paint to see colour mixing in action. A messy tuff spot activity.

Shaving Foam is a brilliant resource to use and relatively cheap too. Although Adam isn& a fan of touching the shaving foam he will do if cars are involved. We created a Shaving Foam Car Tracks Tuff Spot to explore the shaving foam and paints.

We have been searching the internet high and low to find THE best Tuff Tray Inspiration on the web!  From small worlds to sensory play to...

44 Tuff Spot Play Ideas

Can you find the first letter in your name can you spell your name? Use different sized magnets to activate fine motor skills.