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I have a lot of issues letting shit go, something to work on however. None of us are perfect

I believe this to be true

It`s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you`re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now.

I MUST remember this!!! Sometimes silence IS golden!! 20 Amazing Quotes That Will Change Your Outlook On Life!

Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment – Rachel Wolchin

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You were my cup of tea but I drink champagne now. - Hahaha reminds me of my sis.

Succes in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation.

In the office, we are a tribe of weirdos :)

I believe that my dearest friends from all over would get along if they met each other. We are all part of the same crazy weirdo tribe and attract each other and connect right away!