Weed Identification Guide

Guide to Identify Weeds: We get it. Weeds are obnoxious and hard to eliminate. Use our guide to identify the common varieties and know how to remove them safely. Need help now? See our video on how to control weeds in the garden.

DIY Concrete Patio Cover-Ups | The Garden Glove

DIY Concrete Patio Cover-Ups

I so need to do this to cover up spray paint outlines on the driveway. DIY Concrete Patio Cover-Ups

Cuprinol Garden Shades 1 litre: Application: New bare wood should be pre-treated with a wood preserver and allowed to dry thoroughly. Clean any weathered or dirty timber with a stiff brush and a detergent such as Cuprinol Decking Cleaner. Planed wood should be sanded back to a clean surface and wiped over with white spirits to remove oils or resin. Garden Shades can be evenly applied by either Brush or for larger areas Cuprinol Garden Sprayer or the New Cuprinol Spray and Brush. Test the…

Cuprinol Garden Shades allow the natural texture and beauty of the woodgrain to shine through, transforming, protecting and weatherproofing any garden timber

An espalier tree may grow against a wall.

How to Build an Espalier Trellis

An espalier tree may grow against a wall.