🤓If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you are getting. Make a change! 📖Never depend on the world changing things on your behalf💭. What are you going to change?

Feeding your gluten free kid can be overwhelming when you're first starting to go gluten free. Tips and strategies, meal ideas for kids (breakfast, lunch and snacks) plus a short list of starter recipes.

How do you get a full body #workout in during the week when time is precious? #TrainingTuesday💚🏃💪

Short on time? Do 10 burpees, 20 jump squats, 50 jacks, 1 min plank, 20 tricep dips & do it Are you in?

During a meal, stop eating before you feel full up. It actually takes a few minutes ⌚️ for your brain to tell your body that it's had enough, so eat slowly. Do you think you could do it?

During a meal, stop eating before you feel full. It can take a few minutes ⌚️ for your brain to tell your body that it's had enough food, so eat slowly. Do you have the willpower?

Do you note down your #progress? By keeping an accurate journal, you will guarantee that you are making progress on your #fitness journey!📈☑️👏

Bossing the weekend means slipping on your gym wear and heading out for a workout; take it easy in the evening knowing you sweated it out for your weekend goodies, all guilt free.

stay fit!

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Don't just stick to supermarkets; try farmers' markets, whole food stores and greengrocers for fresh ingredients and flavours. It might just give you new ideas 💡 for Where do you most of your food shopping?

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