Not a fan of the deck shape, but the graphic design/finish is great. GoldCoast Skateboards The Pressure Drop-Thru Complete Longboard from Gold Coast features the stiffest construction possible. Made with 9 plys of hardwood .

Living material by Benwu Studio

Benwu Studio's 'Living Materials' - a collection comprised of materials samples, finishes, and everyday household items

Lily Kamper Jewelry

Lily Kamper Jewelry

Lily Kamper - SS Need a Lily Kamper necklace in my life. Any will do, but this one is pure perfection.

"We used a technique called 'udukuri' to carve away the soft parts of cypress boards so that the harder curves and lines of the wood grain stand out. Then we covered the boards with paper and traced the relief in colored pencils to transfer the wood grain onto the paper. This created a tantalizing juxtaposition between the familiar proportions of wooden and the finish of the paper, and an inviting fusion of the subtle shades and blur of the colored pencils with the raised wood grain."

Nendo created a series of rainbow-colored wooden tables using a technique called udukuri for an installation at the 2013 Saint-Étienne Design Biennial.

Colored-pencil table by Nendo.

Colored-pencil table by Nendo at Saint-Etienne Design Biennial using udukuri to wear away cypress wood, covered with paper and crayons.