Jasmeet Kaur

Jasmeet Kaur

Limited edition.
Jasmeet Kaur
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She is more than you ever imagine.

you are both a princess and a warrior, a precious daughter and a beautiful sunrise. never let your light dim, for you were created to shine for Him.

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"she has the mindset of a Queen and the heart of a Warrior. She is EVERYTHING all at once and too much for anyone who doesn't deserve her. She is You.

Left brain, right brain quote. I like this. Especially the left side.

Left brain, right brain quote. Especially the left side.>>> I feel like I connected with the right side

I love love this! Lion of Judah

Take a look at this awesome lion wrist tattoo. This may be a small wrist tattoo, but it sure does pack a lot of punch. Its a very detailed and well done tat