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a small dog being petted by someone in a fenced area with leaves on the ground
Manx, Mule Deer, Borneo, Impala, Bode, Horns, Domestic, Livestock
August 2007
an animal with long hair and horns standing in the grass next to some trees, looking at the camera
let me eat...
Dutch Goat by bianca dijck
a mountain goat running on top of a rocky hill in the wild with long horns
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Mountain Goat, Mount Evans, Colorado by EJPhoto
a ram with large horns standing in the grass
a sheep with horns and bells standing in the grass
a black and white goat with long horns
some animals are walking up a hill with mountains in the background
a yak is standing on the rocks by the water with its head covered in blankets and scarves
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a yak standing on top of a rocky beach next to the ocean