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an instagram page with flowers and plants in the foreground that reads millhouse follow
Meadow of the Linden Tree
Meadow of the Linden Tree
a garden filled with lots of different colored flowers
a garden filled with lots of purple and white flowers
Learn How to Install Landscape Timber Edging
16 Pretty Flower Garden Borders for Summer
many different types of flowers in a garden
Roses in Mixed Borders
the flowers are blooming in the garden
Digitalis purpurea 'Dalmatian Peach' (Common Foxglove)
how to plant and grow hellebores for beginners
Lenten Rose Care And Planting Guide (How to Grow Hellebores)
a stone path with leaves and plants on it
A concrete path in the botanical garden, Singapore
Our space saving garden sofa - The Tiny Canal Cottage
Our space saving outdoor sofa,made locally with reclaimed wood by a small business.
a wooden deck surrounded by plants and trees
Decking Guide: Inspiration for your decking | Owatrol Direct
This post explores lots of different ideas for what your garden deck could look like - from classic wood finishes to bright colour and quirky ideas!
an outdoor living area with couches, chairs and potted plants
before and after photos of an outdoor patio with hanging chairs, table, and potted plants
12 Amazing Stenciled Patio Makeovers in 2019
some black and white tiles on the ground with green trimmings in front of them