unique blue pumpkins (wonder if Bella knows about these? Cute modern spin on fall decor with turquoise & white pumpkins! Teal pumpkin = allergy sensitive (for trick-or-treating)

Choose a good diet. ~~ Red Cabbage ~~ High on my list nowadays; rich in antioxidants. I always look out for this at buffets when at an event: www.steelbandhire.com

Red Cabbage by Phillip Gates; Macro image of red cabbage leaves, interesting line and colour patterns created.

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Texture & pattern: The Beauty of Blackberries! (If you want to grow gorgeous organic fruit like this, we have just the right organic fertilizer to do it - EarthPods available from our site)

The Stone Roses "I don't have to sell my soul, He's already in me"

Music Maxi Poster featuring The Stone Roses Album Artwork from the 1989 Album

I can never get enough of your sweet, sweet, onionyness in my life.

Onion for hair growth - extract the juice from onions and apply to the scalp. Wash after at least half an hour (even overnight) for increased hair growth (both length and for thinning hair), healthy scalp, and shine shine shine

Shining citrus.

our citrus fragrances can be described as energetic, bright, vibrant, fresh, zesty + tangy. give 'em a whiff.

Lepista saeva, Field Blewit, France, December 2010

Lepista saeva (= Clitocybe saeva), Field Blewit mushroom: pictures (images), habitat, edible or poisonous;