Jamaican Black Cake

Welcome to my Board. Cake symbolises life and celebration, enjoy yours in style with Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake. #Jasmine's #RumCake #Delicious #TastyRumCake
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Honouring Our Rich and Beautiful Jamaican Heritage
On this 60th Anniversary of Jamaican Independence we honour our rich and beautiful heritage. Our historic edible treat is a tribute to the freedom fighters who we are indebted to. They fought their battles against colonist oppression to start our journey for Independence. As we celebrate this special occasion we are offering 10% DISCOUNT on all orders throughout the month of August. Click the Link NOW And Let's celebrate in style with Jasmine's Jamaican Rum Cake!
Taste A Slice Of Caribbean Luxury!
The traditional Caribbean rum cake has been a favourite to mark many a special celebration such as Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Graduations etc. No more waiting for that special occasion, you can enjoy Jasmine’s Jamaican Rum Cake right now! #Cake #Rum #RumCake