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Ripples of karma move in an invisible universal web. Visuals capturing the bare essentials of Vororbla ~ Karma. Everything is connected. Fictional Book - A…
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black and white photograph of a woman holding an umbrella
Stay ahead of the curve with Feedly AI
three women dressed in white standing next to each other
Stop This Train - T16 by Mouselemur on DeviantArt
a veiled woman is standing in the dark
Fresh poison
three ghostly people standing in the dark with white veils on their heads and body
Yggdrasil-and all its creatures
three women in white dresses with lights on their heads are standing in the middle of a field
Celebrating Mabon
two hands are working on a spinning wheel with red yarn and scissors in the foreground
You Control Your Destiny Part 2
three ghostlyly dressed people standing in front of a spinning wheel with net on it
four people are tied up to ropes in the dark, with one person holding their head above them
Portfolio - Karinna Gylfphe Photo: Portrait + Editorial Photographer in NYC+ LA
an image of the inside of a purple flower
The cosmic web: Seeing what makes up the universe
an abstract black and white background with lots of stars
The Network Behind the Cosmic Web
the red strings of fate by w e m - are - peepz 2
The Red Strings Of Fate - The Red Strings of Fate- Chapter 1