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Rosewood hei matau [Attractive and time-consuming in the making]


Amazing steampunk paint job on a VW Beetle by Andras Bathory - "Moving art"

Loco-tank steampunk

steampunktendencies: Steampunk Tank by Jorge L. Rodriguez >>>Astrotrain what're you doing back on earth you silly Con

This tree is slowly engulfing a stone statue. Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Kind of creepy...

This tree is slowly engulfing a stone statue. Та Пром (by Catherine Zasukhina) Angkor Wat, Cambodia <-- The trees are protecting us from the Weeping Angels. Unless they're growing wood armor OH GOD WHAT DO WE DO?

Bench-eating Tree | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

This group is for pictures of trees "eating things", trees being forced to grow over an object. Trees eating signs, fences or anything else.