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Drawing noses

Just a few more from this week’s study on features. Was a bit hard this week because of a cold and working overtime. Talk about rough! I guess if i was feeling better i woulda done alot more.

Eye Angle Library by ~Tentopet on deviantART

Eye Angle Library chart, by Tentopet on deviantART. This is neat sheet that shows how to draw a character's eye from many different angles.

hand tutorial

Today's Drawing Class "How to Draw Hands: Hands look complicated to draw but learn a few little tricks and you'll be drawing like the Masters

lips reference

If a bold lipstick colour intimidates you, why not try a lip gloss in a bold colour. The colour will be sheerer and it will ease you into this summer trend

Snake Dragons by ~beastofoblivion on deviantart

A couple of hastily scribbled dragons based on snakes (the green tree python, peruvian long tail boa, and rosy boas). Sorry guys I haven't been keeping up with messages hardly at all, things have b.

Brilliant demon girl

By Otto Schmidt, maiden death grim reaper Father Time scythe maid girl woman dance danse macabre skull skeleton