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Jason Holsburt

Jason Holsburt
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I'd do anything for my pets

People doing amazing things for animals Pictures): Yes, I am a softie. I cannot make it through these photos without crying. This is a beautiful example of the bond between humans and animals.

BWAHAHAHA but really though. So much win

every man thinks -- maybe if i poke her with it it will put her in the mood.so very true.men are so simple

Come back bro I just wana talk.

Funny pictures about Quit Playin Yo, tagged with playin, polar bear, quit posted in Gags

Win, win, win. fitspiration

Winners do what losers dont want to do exercise fitness quotes workout quotes exercise quotes winners losers fitspiration

Like anywhere.

Girls don't want a guy with personality; they want a guy with swag. Buzz Lightyear: And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.