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a person standing in front of a building with plants growing on the side of it
Rollimarchini Architects wraps Vietnamese factory in plant-covered facades
Facades at this factory in an industrial park near Ho Chi Minh City are filled with layers of greenery that provide shelter from the rain and sun, as well as helping to purify the air.
an abstract black and white object on a plain surface with no one in the photo
Room Contrast Ratios – Multidimensional Sculptures by Swiss Artist David Bill | OEN
a large white sculpture sitting on top of a tiled floor
Diatomic: Self-supporting Cellular Assembly - eVolo | Architecture Magazine
an abstract sculpture made out of white and wood
aaron s moran likes - pop-up-x: Stephen Ormandy - Grace II, 2016 66 x...
several pieces of wood are arranged in the shape of an abstract structure, with one piece missing
【楽天市場】ベック社 Beck カタカタ人形:木のおもちゃがりとん
an array of different shapes and sizes in the form of squares, cubes, and rectangles
Cube Shape Icons Set Illustration Raster Stock Illustration 212701006 | Shutterstock