AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2012 - Inter 1 - Vere van Gool

Home is where the harvester is! Vere van Gool –––––– AA School of Architecture Vere van Gool Intermediate Unit 1 Professors : Mark Campbell - Stewart Do.

Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape urbanism interpretive mapping’, 2015,... #architecture #design #drawing Pinned by www.modlar.com

archisketchbook - architecture-sketchbook, a pool of architecture drawings, models and ideas - drawingarchitecture: Gauthier Durey, ‘Landscape.

AA School of Architecture 2013 - Intermediate 7 - Jesper Victor Henriksson

“The CREAM Factory is the capitalist realist industrialized cultural institution.

AA Review 2014: Yufei Li - Desert

Airport III: The desert as a fire escape - Yufei Li