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Jason Woodward

Jason Woodward
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freakin' love waistcoats. Why did this fashion die out so quickly?

Men's waistcoats have made a fashionable comeback. Men don't only wear them with suits, there are waistcoats with embellished features that allow them to stand on their own.

Steampunk Gun by Teezec.deviantart.com https://www.steampunkartifacts.com/collections/steampunk-glasses

Well i recently had some free time on my hands, so i decided i wanted to repaint and mod a Nerf gun. Man those Mavrick Nerf Guns sure look cool! Other pic of my steampunk gun - Used .

Bass Guitar Effects Pedals Guide

What could be better than an infographic for a guide to bass guitar effect pedals? Check out (arguably) the first bass guitar effects pedals guide infographic.

custom acoustic guitars | Taylor Custom T5 Acoustic Electric Guitar Koa Pelican Inlay | eBay

Taylor Custom Acoustic Electric Guitar made with gorgeous warm brown Koa wood which is my favorite besides cedar for acoustic guitars with their hollow bodies.