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brass stair corners, stairs, Circa 1890 Brass corner pieces used to keep dust out of the stair tread corners

These authentic reproduction dust corners will instantly add charm and class to your home. These Decorative Dust Corners are ideal for your wooden staircase or in the corners of your rooms. Dust corners originated in the to help simplify housework

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This staircase is stunning! 10 Things To Do with a Quart of Paint- Ideas and inspiration, including this project for ombre painted stair risers!

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Why not make your staircase every color?

10 Creative Ways to Paint Your Stairs. this is a perfect image to show you that just because you have a nice clean space doesn't mean that you can not have fun elements like rainbow stairs!

Stairs may serve a utilitarian purpose, but this breath-taking set of treads by UK-based Atmos Studio takes it to new heights. Designed as part of a residential project, the stairs seem to come alive as it turns the corner, unravelling sculptural elements that organically encase and animate the transitional space

Atmos Studio – London, UK – designed for a house in the London Neighbourhood of Chapman, a sculptured wooden staircase revisiting the style and the dramatic character of Art Nouveau in a contemporary version.