Male Whelk shell, the only left handed spiraling shell in America. Female Whelks have a lighter color.

Found one today on Ocracoke Island My favorite shells are the Welk. Male Welk shell the only left handed shell in America Female Welks have a lighter color. Seashell with reflection ~~~

nature providing us with yet again a wonderful circular pattern with a perfect collection of colours

Why I love color

Nature's Artwork - multicoloured shells - natural pattern texture source for sea-inspired design;

.A decaying tree stump. It's difficult to tell precisely how old this tree was. The rings are broken with worm holes and other forms of decay. A testament of how Life purposefully and meaningfully continues even when the object of the life is gone.

Old Tree - woodgrain textures, organic surface patterns, natural colour inspiration. Looking at different textures/surfaces

Peeled Clementine, J Palmer Daily painting Original Oil still life Art

Peeled Clementine, J Palmer Daily painting Original Oil still life Art

and (Peel fruit, photography, create observational drawings and take forward) J Palmer Daily - Original Oil Still Life

the ancient dream of the octopus

the ancient dream of the octopus. Nature forms, live octopus, beside color, pink color, octopus tentacles

Ammonites are perhaps the most widely known fossil, possessing the typically ribbed spiral-form shell as pictured above. These creatures lived in the seas between 240 - 65 million years ago, when they became extinct along with the dinosaurs.

Spirals represent going deep into what's really at the heart of what someone is going through.

Still Life Composition - Google Search

Pr5-Ex2: Composition of natural objects

pencil sketches of objects - still life - exercise - composition of natural objects

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