Homemade Cooking Spray: 1 part olive oil (or your choice of oil) to 5 parts water. Fill a misting spray bottle. Instructions Place oil and water into spray bottle. Shake well before eachuse.

Harry Potter would be super impressed with our Best Butterbeer Recipe Ever! You can make it from home and get that same great taste as the Frozen Butterbeer from Universal Studios and it is easy to make!

Easy banana cake

Banana bread - sure you can find banana bread in almost every country. But for me when I think of breakfast food in KL I think of banana bread and boi, I miss those breakfasts.

Almond Banana Icecream Pulse Almonds in food processor. Remove most of resulting nut butter. Add Bananas to food processor, pulse until smooth and creamy. Add back almond butter to taste.

Chickpea + Date: Here’s a first of many vegetarian options when you cook with such strong flavors and fresh ingredients. The chickpeas provide plenty of filling protein so you won’t go hungry. (via Vegetarian Times)

Autumn Spiced Cider recipe recipes drink recipes autumn recipes autumn recipe fall recipe fall recipes Just add vodka!

Lavender Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Lavender Dark Chocolate Chip Ice Cream- will have to give this a shot when my lavender blooms this summer

Did you know that I LOVE Indian food? So healthy and nourishing. Here's one to inspire: Spiced Vegetable & Lentil Soup.