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I DO IT! How do u people brush ur teeth with a dry brush? It's like somebody's scraping there nails across a black board when I don't wet it

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my date .how ironic this also is about best friends . and so true marga en priscilla!

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today a girl has to ask a guy this because guys dont care about anything but a piece of ass. can you say annoying!

I did it!! Hah not bad(; <<< now my screens all wet! Ugh

I did it:) haha beat that! I typed it with my tongue! Haha I challenge And and and let my know if you can do it! I did typed it too !

OH MY GOSH!!!! YESSSS! Someone finally made it!

only pinning this because honest to god this is my greatest goal in life. to meet every last one of the people in the hunger games series.