Clothes in sloped area. Could cut down your existing clothes rail. Lily Dickerson Maddock's Southampton dream closet

Ete founders' celebrity dream closet

Storage: Recess it into Knee Walls | Read This Before You Finish Your Attic | Photos | Living Spaces | This Old House

Read This Before You Finish Your Attic

Read this before you refinish the attic: storage recessed into knee walls in this refinished attic

Fulham / London - The Heritage Wardrobe Company

Mirrored wardrobe (solves 2 problems: more closet + full length mirror) — Fulham / London - The Heritage Wardrobe Company

wardrobe sliding door system as room the idea of mirrors for a larger space

Mirror Design Ideas: Wall Joint Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe Doors Installation Models Awesome Idea Save Spacing Wooden Frame, Best 10 mirrored sliding wardrobe doors Custom Sliding Closet Doors Sliding Glass Doors Wardrobes with Mirrored Doors

Attic Closet Storage With Shelf. If you are converting your attic into a living space, include some closet space in your design. Create your attic closet following the layout of the attic space.

Creative Attic Storage Ideas and Solutions

I like this because it gives nice shelf space while also providing a closet build-out. attic closet with shelf I like this because it gives nice shelf space while also…

Mirror Door White Edge | Sliding Wardrobe Doors | Doors & Joinery | Howdens Joinery

This classic Mirror White Edge Wardrobe Door is ideal in many different interiors and creates a feeling of space in a room.

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contemporary oak doors - Dordogne Oak - Hardwood Doors - Internal Doors - Doors & Joinery Collection - Howdens Joinery Like the look of this one !

I believe the greatest advantage of sliding closet doors is pretty much obvious. They take little space.

Sliding Closet Doors

The Bypass Door: This type is usually made of two parts that slide in front/back of each other. It is the most common type of sliding closet doors. Sometimes there are more than two pieces (three, even four), especially if the closets are really big.