Oil Painting  Kate Brinkworth

Oil Painting Kate Brinkworth: I love how everything is spilling out of the sweet jar at the back of the painting, giving every sweet a different size and perspective.


Phenomenal Fruit Drawings: AP Studio Art

In these works the enlarged realistic forms take on an almost abstract quality. Fruit is deliberately sliced and arranged, exposing glistening textures and layers; providing opportunity for stunning mark-making and subtle variation in tone.

Sweet Dreams, by Sarah Graham #art #painting #photorealism #sweets

Sweet Dreams by Sarah Graham example of still life and the choice of a close up view emphasizes the number of wrappers which suggests the excess of materialism and wasted packaging.

Incredible Doughnut paintings by Emily Eveleth

Incredible Doughnut paintings by Emily Eveleth "This is the most fascinating giant, disgusting, erotic, jelly donut painting I have ever seen.

Sliced orange and soda contemporary realism oil painting still life of fruit

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