funoftheday: “Red Dwarf ”

funoftheday: “Red Dwarf ” this was a ton of crap leading up to a really bad joke.I love it tho.

Red Dwarf. "So simple Lister can understand it." Now that's simple!  Lol.

That would be pretty simple! LOL From "Future Echoes":- Holly: How simple do you want this? Rimmer: Ah, so Lister can understand it.

From the man who brought you beeeeeeer milkshakes! -Lister, Red Dwarf

Red Robin does Guinness milkshakes for St Patty's, what's wrong with a beer milkshake?

Red Dwarf

Among the many repercussions of time travel are the grammar disasters which arise from it!

I pinned this because... I loved this line

And his alter ego, Ace Rimmer is the sort of guy who says "smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast.