Mrs Brown Boys - Shite I LOVE this show!!!!!!!!

Mrs Brown Boys - what a load of inflated and predictable claptrap.more than likely will have his own daytime chat show very show and radio 2 slot on sundays at funny as Miranda Hart.infact I think this is Miranda in disguise!

Love mrs Brown. protect your photos-Free trial

Love mrs Brown. protect your photos-Free trial

Granddad is Agnes' father-in-law. When "Redser" Brown died, he left her with little more than this wrinkled old man. He eats, sleeps and moans.  Agnes considers Granddad to be "the cross God sent me to balance out the fact that he gave me such wonderful and beautiful children (and Cathy)".

Mrs Brown's Boys News: Granddad to finally die in the upcoming Christmas .

Brendan O'Carroll (left) as Mrs. Brown

Mrs Brown's neighbour Winnie is played by O'Carroll's sister Eilish.