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10min · 1 serving ingredients: • 2 taco tortillas 🌮 • 4 eggs 🥚 • plain protein yogurt 🫙 • 1/2 middle sized cucumber 🥒 • 1/4 onion 🧅 • 4 cherry tomatoes 🍅 • 1 avocado 🥑 • pinches of salt and pepper 🧂
spicy salmon bowl 💗
To make the sauce : japanese mayo (kewpie mayo), sriracha, soy sauce and honey 🤍
Refreshing Club Lettuce Wrap for a Light Meal! 🥬
Try this light and tasty Club Lettuce Wrap, a unique creation by @angielaeats. It's a perfect choice for a healthy, satisfying meal! #lettucewrap #healthyeating #easyrecipe
This may contain: the cover of let's make beef bulgogi with rice and green beans
Easy Korean Beef Bulgogi
This easy Korean bulgogi recipe features smoky, sweet, and savory tender thinly sliced beef that only takes 15 minutes to cook! You'll love this Korean BBQ classic that's packed with flavor for the perfect dinner main dish or to celebrate with.
2h 20m
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