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John Stezaker

John Stezaker

John Stezaker combines old photographs with postcards. I quite like the result. found at why not?

Maurizio Anzeri  Embroidered photograph

maurizio anzeri: embroidered photographs

an exploration of cosmetic and aesthetic beauty, old portraits are embroidered with colorful yarn to distort the faces and therefore redefine their visual impact.

John Stezaker


perfect skull and obscure art for today:John Stezaker [and on bits&bites just few times before we should def.feature him more ;] thanks to nomoreheroes :akubizone:idiopolis:?

Maurizio Anzeri for Dazed and Confused, June 2011

Embroidery Love. | Yellowtrace

I have a little confession. There was a time when I considered embroidery to be just too traditional, old and boring (insert rolling eyes, pimply face and mouth wide open while chewing bubble gum). You get the picture, right? I was in my early teens, surrounded with the most magnificent embroidery my mum, grandmother, most of my aunties and lady neighbours used to do back in the "old country". They would often share their latest pieces over many cups of strong black coffee, frequently oohing…

'Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XXXI' John Stezaker. An example of John Stezakers work from his marriage series where he spliced together images of famous male and female film stars, creating hybrids of male and female identity.

John Stezaker - Artist

Artist at Contemporary art gallery in London.

Featured Artist // Hattie Stewart | Print Club London

With the launch of her brand new solo exhibition Doll House we thought it was about time we also put Hattie Stewart where she belongs…in the spotlight!! Over the last 5 years and more Print Club London have been proud to work alongside the huge doodle-babe that is Miss Stewart! She featured in our very first Blisters exhibition read more