Lowcountry Field Feast — The Dieline

Lowcountry Field Feast

Letterpress invitations by Stitch Design Co, the 2011 Field Feast save the dates. This year, the invites were printed 3 color letterpress, die-cut and attached to a burlap bag with a custom wrapped fabric button.

vintage_hang_tags_distressed_look.jpg (632×340)

Vintage Distressed Hang Tags with Red Paper Rings, on Recycled Brown Kraft paper. By Jukebox Print

HTB1OPCyFVXXXXc2XpXXq6xXFXXXP.jpg (643×428)

Au Fait Mama Fashion Brand hangtag and label system. created by arithmetic creative

Real Shit, Organic Manure for Urban Farmers

Check out this week's top packaging projects, a great range of beautiful package designs with impeccable details.

The Camden Watch Company

AMS Design Studio, a London-based watch and product design studio created vintage packaging re-imagined for The Camden Watch Company.

Sitka Salmon Shares Seafood Box

CODO Design created cool, modern packaging and design for Sitka Salmon Shares, a company connecting family fishermen in Southeast Alaska with consumers in the Midwest.

wood2.jpg (350×450)

wood2.jpg (350×450)

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