Lowcountry Field Feast — The Dieline

Lowcountry Field Feast

Letterpress invitations by Stitch Design Co, the 2011 Field Feast save the dates. This year, the invites were printed 3 color letterpress, die-cut and attached to a burlap bag with a custom wrapped fabric button.

vintage_hang_tags_distressed_look.jpg (632×340)

Vintage Distressed Hang Tags with Red Paper Rings, on Recycled Brown Kraft paper. By Jukebox Print

HTB1OPCyFVXXXXc2XpXXq6xXFXXXP.jpg (643×428)

Au Fait Mama Fashion Brand hangtag and label system. created by arithmetic creative

Real Shit, Organic Manure for Urban Farmers

Real Shit, Organic Manure for Urban Farmers by Alan Dindo, Federico Lodolini, Riccardo Mercati

The Camden Watch Company

AMS Design Studio, a London-based watch and product design studio created vintage packaging re-imagined for The Camden Watch Company.

Sitka Salmon Shares Seafood Box

CODO Design created cool, modern packaging and design for Sitka Salmon Shares, a company connecting family fishermen in Southeast Alaska with consumers in the Midwest.

wood2.jpg (350×450)

wood2.jpg (350×450)

Before & After: The Tomato Stall

"Established in The Tomato Stall, based on the Isle of Wight, sells specialty tomatoes and artisanal products in farm shops and delis throughout the UK, as well as weekly farmers market stalls in London and the south.


We fell in love with their Shoe Brush packaging, and now Izola has launched a collection of candles.


The Good Store -- Packaging concept

Premium Handmade Coasters

Handmade Coasters packaging - There is an endearing interplay of natural an artificial occurring in the design of Brian Brubaker’s Premium Handmade Coasters packaging.