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hobbit house plans architect | The ”architectural plan” for Bag End, the earth sheltered home of ...

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Floor Plan of Bag End Parchment Art Print by Weta The Floor Plan of Bag End Parchment Art Print is a lovely piece of art and is one of a range of Middle-earth maps from Weta.

Minas Tirith. . . :) Middle Earth is a home away from home. :)

Architects Want To Raise Money To Build Real-Life Minas Tirith From Lord of the Rings

Waterfall Castle, Poland

The Amazing Waterfall Castle - Poland. I really want to go here, I have family in Poland, so this would be amazing to see! Looks like its belongs in a fairytale movie.


Steampunk Clock Hand Hair Picks - JEWELRY AND TRINKETS - I wonder why I haven't these posted yet? Well, since getting into Steampunk fashion(which cons