I've pinned this before, but I just noticed something. Marty's right foot points towards the back in the past, center in the present, and forward in the future. That's awesome.

Epic pop-culture prints I’d proudly hang on my wall (42 Photos)

Past meets present in this photo from The Alcalde's "Dear Photograph" project, taken by Zen Ren.

I like this photograph because it shows the picture held up to the big window and on that picture it looks like a man walking down the stairs and it looks quite real.

Artist Robert Finale ~ The Palace, Westminster London !!!!@@@@!!!!.....http://www.pinterest.com/senathayse/arte/

Another wonderful piece from Robert Finale, The Palace, Westminster London. Come check out all of our Robert Finale art.


Stefan Morrell

3d Worlds by Stefan Morrell | InspireFirst

I chose to pin this because when I think of science fiction, I usually think of society living in a more dystopian or futuristic world that is different from the one we live in today. This picture is a very good portrayal of the setting I pictured

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