Struggling with teaching one-point perspective? This drawing lesson is super easy and offers lots of opportunity for your students to be creative and expressive.

One-Point Perspective Art Lesson

1 point perspective art lesson - by deep space sparkle. Would love to do 2 point perspective lesson as well!

Dear Zoo Storytelling Basket for Toddlers

Dear Zoo Storytelling Basket for Toddlers

Make a toddler storytelling basket for the popular story Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell, for meaningful story telling and interaction through play.we love this book at our house:) will have to add this element.

3D salt dough maps. This looks painted, but I think we would use colored dough to teach about elevation at the same time as building a map. I like that the key has terms instead of actual elevations. Good for younger kids.

3D Salt Dough Maps for Kids

Africa Salt Dough Map- Kid World Citizen Simple step-by-step instructions on how to make salt dough maps: kids learn about physical maps, practice geography, make landforms, etc.

animal safari classroom idea

animal safari classroom idea with plants, dark greens, aqua, tans, animal print (zebra)