This piece shows that where someone is from can play a big part in your Identity, whether you're proud or not of this part of you. It also shows your own personal journey   and how it has effected/changed you.

New maps illustrations by Ed Fairburn

Incredible New Portraits Carved from Old Military Maps - Stafford Lane by Ed Fairburn via My Modern Metropolis


Marion Bolognesi - uses watercolour paints to express emotions in her drawings of eyes.

Domenic Bahmann

Inventive designer Domenic Bahmann creates very clever settings by combining daily life objects, food and materials. We have selected for you some of our favori

Watercolour portrait

Olivier Bartoli Watercolour, Masking fluid Eduardo Week 2 Bartoli has such a playful use of colour in his works. He also has a very strong sense of light in his works. His use of the masking fluid - particularly in hair is very controlled.

kwangho shin

loving the really rough texture of this Artist: KwangHo Shin; Charcoal, Drawing untitled charcoal on canvas love KwangHo Shin

Sometimes Identity is shown through the way someone looks. This piece shows insecurity of someone's personal image.

My cousin helped me discover this photographer- Christian Sampson Photography 1 of 15 of mental illnesses. This one is anorexia.

This piece shows how, for some people, music "plays" a big part in someone's identity

Meet the Artist: Mark Powell

'Speaking in tongues (prattle)' Bic biro drawing on music sheet - Mark Powell, Society 6