A healthy version of the classic Italian bake.

Aubergine and courgette Parmesan bake

Perfect for cold evenings, this warming, spicy soup is packed with vegetables, lentils and rice.

Mulligatawny soup

A guide to managing and living with diabetes - looking at diabetes, treatments, health, complications and recipes.

Ditch the takeaway and opt for a tasty, all-in-one dinner that’s big on flavour, but small on calories.

Chicken biryani

Choose from dozens of tasty, healthy meals, ideal for those with Type Type 2 diabetes, or the whole family

A popular West African dish that’s cooked in one pot so ideal for a simple, tasty midweek dinner.

Jollof rice and chicken

Lusaka - Zambia: Growing up I never really enjoyed hot and spicy food. Whilst my friends and family all enjoyed their chillies, I was always too scared to try them out.

A tasty meat-free burger packed with protein.

Black eyed bean, feta and herb burgers

These healthy treats are simple and delicious.

Roasted peppers with feta cheese

Check out our relaunched Recipe Finder, now with lots of healthy recipes to choose from, including roasted peppers with feta cheese

Cheap and easy to make, this versatile dish can be served with rice or baked sweet potatoes, wrapped with a salad, or made into enchiladas, tacos or nachos.

Vegetable chilli

Our guilt-free take on this classic is low in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and gives you two of your five a day.

Chicken chow mein

Our guilt-free take on this classic is low in saturated fat, sugar and salt, and…

This golden potato-topped pie combines chicken with tarragon in a cheese sauce - a delightful medley of flavours for a hearty evening meal.

Chicken butter bean and leek pie

Make your own healthier version of this Mexican classic.


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