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four pictures of different shapes and sizes of hearts
Third graders enjoyed making these metal embossed hearts to add to their weaving! #moreart #heartart #lovehearts #heartsfordays #valentine…
two hands are working on an art project that is being made out of aluminum foil
#5thgrade starting their #metaltooling project. #artsed #arteducation #kidsart
the cover of metal tooling using visual texture in art and design, with images of different
Metal Tooling Using Visual Texture
Create a repousse art project using 5 unique visual textures, arranging elements in either a static or dynamic composition for maximum impact. This art lesson takes two 40 minute periods. | Glitter Meets Glue Designs
an art project with pictures of hearts and the words, you'll hearts graces 4
Art With Mrs Nguyen
Tooling Foil Pattern Heart Art with Mrs. Nguyen Students will examine the work of Jim Dine.. then use his work as inspiration for their own heART! :) *Includes lesson, PowerPoint, and example images Also includes BONUS heART chain activity video! Project Material List:  Pencil  Colored Pencil  Drawing Paper (6"x6")  Tool Foil (36 gauge aluminum)  Foam sheets (6"x6")  Colored Sharpie Markers  Wooden Scratch Stick  Black Matte Board (optional for
an art project made with colored paper and buttons in the shape of a heart on a black frame
Art With Mrs Nguyen
Art Lesson: Tooling Foil Pattern Hearts
a heart is painted on top of some buttons
Art With Mrs Nguyen
Art Lesson: Tooling Foil Pattern Hearts
a coloring page with the instructions for how to make an intricate design in this book
Welcome to Dover Publications
Welcome to Dover Publications, How to create mandalas. #freebies #mandalas #coloringpages
a piece of metal foil with houses on it
Zprávy a události z domova i ze světa |
Metal Tooling houses
three tins with different designs on them
These shiny tins look impressive, but here's their secret: They're made with ordinary hardware-store metal tape.
three glass houses sitting on top of a shelf
Zprávy a události z domova i ze světa |
So cute, translation not to bad...Svítící domečky z hliníkové folie
a person is painting the inside of a metal tray with silver paint and an acrylic brush
Stencils and Aluminum on a Tin Box
I have been doing and teaching Metal Embossing for about 15 years. For years I only did the traditional techniques until I started to inco...
a person is using a cloth to clean a metal plate
Tangles on Pewter and a Rooster stencil
Sorry for the delay in posting this. The last quarter of 2014 was quite hectic and I just finished working on all the samples for my classes...
a hand with a heart painted on it is hanging from a hook in front of a wooden wall
Collectible Mexican Folk Art for sale | eBay
Mexican Tin Milagros - SOLD SEPERATELY - Hands & Flaming Hearts Oaxaca Folk Art
a red heart shaped brooch hanging on a wall
mexican heart - I like the color around it
many colorful heart shaped ornaments on a wooden surface
Hand-lettering & Typography
Corazones sagrados. Beautiful tin hearts from Mexico.
a decorative metal plate on a purple velvet covered tablecloth with an intricate design in the center
a person using a pen to draw designs on a metal surface
a close up of a metal object on a purple surface
Guest Designer Magdalena Muldoon
Pewter embossing with StencilGirl stencils by Magdalena Muldoon from MercArt.
a child is painting a toucan on a piece of aluminum foil with green leaves
a piece of art made to look like a bird on a tree branch with leaves
a christmas tree made out of tinsel and colored paper on a white background with a name tag attached to it
Metal Embossed Trees
Drip, Drip, Splatter Splash: Metal Embossed Trees - long term project: carve in foam tray and cover in foil; add colour with sharpies
Repoussé Metal Jewellery, Art Education, Handicraft, Work Inspiration
a metal book with sunflowers on it
three butterfly shaped cookie cutters sitting on top of a piece of paper
Mariposas en repujado artístico. ..Galy Rodriquez
a metal object is sitting on top of a leather case with a heart shaped design
Caja repujada en aluminio
a metal plaque with a dragonfly on it
The Pewter Room
Made at The Pewter Room by Bridgette