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Tongue Health Diagnosis Lots Of Pinnable Charts | The WHOot

Pinner: "Your body communicates with you through different ways including your tongue. Explore your tongue every morning to determine the state of your digestion and general health!

Why Your Feet Hurt - Real Simple

Why Your Feet Hurt - Real Simple

An example of biomechanical causes and treatments for foot blisters according to anatomical location. This is general advice only and should not to be seen as specific advice for your blisters!

FOOT BLISTERS: Using science and research to explain what causes friction blisters on feet and how preventative strategies work (and don’t work). Information you can actually use with confidence to perform blister-free!

TREATMENT MODES FOR YOUR TENS MACHINE The wide range of variation in machine settings and electrode positioning gives great flexibility in terms of treatment options. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the control settings or the placement of electrodes. You may also find that your G.P, Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Acupuncturist can advise you on machine use specifically for your condition. For more information go to

The UK's leading pain relief specialists offering the most powerful and easy to use TENS machines on the market, along with many other electronic pain relief and electrical stimulation

Tens Unit Sciatica Electrode Placement - Yahoo Image Search Results

This article details how to use your Tens Unit for back pain relief. Check out these tips for having effective Tens therapy sessions!

This article will detail how a Tens unit works with arthritis and some tips to help you get the most out of your tens machine when using it for arthritis relief.

TENS units are a great non-invasive pain management alternative to oral medication. Read more for our TENs Electrode placement guide & examples of TENs Units.