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Photo by Frank Hurley Endurance’s Second Officer Tom Crean with Antarctic-born sledge dogs in 1915. All the dogs were later killed as the expedition seemed increasingly doomed. Second-In-Command Frank Wild did the deed: “This duty fell upon me and was the worst job I ever had in my life. I have known many men I would rather shoot than the worst of the dogs.”

Ireland of a Thousand Welcomes Liked · 4 hours ago The famous Irish Explorer Tom Crean Tom Crean with sleigh dog puppies Roger, Nell, Toby and Nelson. Photograph by Frank Hurley, taken during the Shackleton Expedition of

This photo was shot near the edge of the Barne Glacier, which comes to an end near Cape Evans and the site of Scott's hut. Scott's team did use some dogs to pull sledges toward the interior of the continent, but Amundsen made far greater use of the furry beasts, and to much greater advantage. Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000    Minimum Bid: $2,300

Scott's Last Expedition: Images From His Doomed South Pole Trek

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