Still Life with Weaponry

Although not a common subject, weapons have been included in still life paintings from the very beginning. For the purposes of this board, I define weapons loosely as anything that could potentially do damage or cause harm. Photographic still life falls outside the scope of this board. It includes paintings only.
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Edwaert Colliers,  Vanitas,  1675

1675 Vanitas still life Reflecting Blathwayt's love of the visual arts and music by Edwaert Colliers at Dyrham National Trust, image supplied by the Public Catalogue Foundation

Incredible Oil Paintings by David Cheifetz

Surreal and Strange Paintings by Alex Gross

Daniel Sprick

Liminal Spaces: A Conversation with Daniel Sprick : Painting Perceptions “Hatchet and Apples” Oil & Board x – 2001

Gilberto Geraldo After Hunting Oil on canvas -2011 93 x 157 cm (3' .61" x 5' 1.81") Private collection

Gilberto Geraldo, "After Hunting" Oil on Canvas in. First Place Prize Still Life Category, ARC

douglas flynt | douglas flynt s b 1978 artistic education includes a bfa and a ba in ...

This fencing gear represent the scene where Laertes and Hamlet fenced. Laertes and the King had it planned to kill hamlet with a poisoned tip of the foil.


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