100 square calculation//teachertipster.com

Gearin Up with Number Grids

Hundreds Chart Teaching Tool for students struggling with marcy cook activities on the hundreds chart :)

Change a connect four game into a "make Ten" game

Change a connect four game into a "make Ten" game great for practicing addition! Actually, if you really think about it, there are many clever uses for a connect 4 game!

class measurement and graphing

Pin This activity has students measure their height with yarn. Then they display everyone’s yarn on a poster and they compare them. The students fill out a worksheet using the yarn poster.

Teaching time.

Love this idea for teaching time.paper plate clock revamped and improved!

egg carton- number shaker. Select numbers by shaking a pom pom. Then represent the number with duple. Reinforces 10 and counting on.

Egg Carton Maths. Toddlers to School Age

Teen Numbers: Egg carton with teen numbers. Shake a pompom in the closed carton. Build whatever number the pompom lands on with unifix cubes. It can be used with letters for cubes. child shake pompom and write it with letters ;

Numicon baking - this would be great to teach sharing of numbers...

Activity that could introduce Numicon, cross- curricular, ordering, counting, familiarising with Numicon pieces. It also spports the development of fine motor skills


Array cards are much better to use for practicing multiplication facts than regular flashcards.

addition and counting machine fun!

Addition and Counting Machine Maths Activity

Addition and Counting Machine Maths Activity! - The Imagination Tree Addition and Counting Machine Maths Activity! - The Imagination Tree .

Halloween Math - addition facts using mini jack-o-lanterns.  I love that the popsicle sticks can be reused and put in any seasonal container.  Cute!

I could totally do this with money-- dollars on a pumpkin then popsicle sticks with bills and coins that add up to the amount. Addition/subtraction sorting - child needs to determine which sticks add up to the number on the bucket.

End of Year Gift to keep math fact fluency current over the summer.  She gives kids a deck of cards and games they can play.  Free download on website.

End of the year gift - deck of cards with some games that they can play over the…

Fun Bottle Top Addition Game. Playful Maths

Fun Bottle Top Addition Game. Playful Maths

Learn with Play at home: Fun Bottle Top Addition Game.sounds so easy, fun, and FREE! I am totally making this a station in my room!