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Rescue your stalled book
Editing advice - brilliant
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Five Micro-Edits to Hook Readers On Your First Page - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®
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10 Signs Your Plot is Weak (And How to Fix it)
10 Signs your plot is weak (and how to fix them)
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Revision Strategy: #WritingTips from an Author and Writing Mentor
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Effective Book Cover Design – Thomas Umstattd Jr. interviews Kirk DouPonce…
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Best Practices for Working with an Independent Editor - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®
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6 Cheats to “Tell” Well (When It's Warranted) - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®
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How Symbolism Adds Depth to a Story - WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®
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How To Build Your Author Platform When You Have No Clue What That Means | BadRedhead Media
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Cues for review or revision - Lisa Poisso
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Chapter Titles are a Great Marketing Tool in the Age of E-Books