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an ink drawing of sheep grazing in the grass under a cloudy sky with rain coming down
Inktober day 13; prompt - teeming. Here is a new version of the chapter illustration for Dylan, Dougall and Kevin trekking across Rannoch Moor
a drawing of a bigfoot holding a baseball bat next to a small child in the desert
Inktober day10 with the prompt Gigantic. The first (and only) thing that sprang to mind was the Ninja Librarian's invention Gorg the Troll.
an owl flying through the air above some plants
Jemima Pett (@jemima_pett) / Twitter
Inktober day 9; prompt screech. Barn owl from memory, not entirely happy with the owl, but learnt a lot about layers and textures doing this one
an ink drawing of a building with a clock tower
Jemima Pett (@jemima_pett) / Twitter
Inktober day 8, prompt is Crooked. I thought of the Chesterfield cathedral spire, and decided on a continuous line sketch.
three birds are standing in front of an orange and white striped curtain with red stripes
Inktober day 7 prompt: shy. I went with a coconut shy. Looks best as a thumbnail :)
a drawing of a person with blue hair and clouds in the sky behind him,
#inktober day 6, prompt: sword. I immediately thought of the Perihelix. Shame about the hands - needs more work. Learnt about using layering, though.
two dolphins are swimming in the ocean with corals and other marine life around them
Inktober day 4: Underwater. Not happy, not feeling I'm getting anywhere with this type of drawing
a drawing of a piece of luggage sitting on top of a white surface with the words, do you care?
#inktober day 3 prompt: poison. Dr Higgs Case, for Princelings 4, redrawn. Not as good as the original - yet!
an image of two people on icebergs with flags
#inktober day 2 : divided #inktober2017
a flock of birds flying in the sky
My first sketch on my new iPad for Inktober - it's not good, but it's a start. Prompt: swift
a black and white drawing of a castle
Derisaig in summer; the last illustration for book 8 #Inktober day 32! @jemima_pett All done!
a drawing of a gazebo with benches in front of it
Vexstein Hearing Hall; Lord Smallweed sat on the throne, the new folks don't #Inktober @jemima_pett day31
an ink drawing of a courtyard with tables and benches
Inside Castle Deeping #Inktober day 30 @jemima_pett #princelings book 8
a drawing of an airplane flying in the sky above mountains and rocks, with two people inside it
Stretching myself - didnt think I could do this one! #Inktober day 29 @jemima_pett #princelings bk8