Jemima Wengraf-Townsend

Jemima Wengraf-Townsend

Jemima Wengraf-Townsend
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These are hilarious.

Funny pictures about Mind-blowing realization about mirrors. Oh, and cool pics about Mind-blowing realization about mirrors. Also, Mind-blowing realization about mirrors.

How my infp/introvert mind thinks. and how I explain things. my other INFP friends know how to keep track of conversations like this, lol

i set fire now

My body is killing itself? Well its no difference from my uterus killing itself during that time of month.

Tumblr gets deep

No heaven or hell shít, just your BRAIN. Now I can be an atheist who believes in life after death!<< help me I'm about to have an existential crisis

I'd do it yes please splatter my guts and blood on the sign as a warning to others sacrifices must be made to protect the pack<<< what if people thought oh red paint it smudges the words let me have a closer look

6 Bookworm Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

What if we are all characters in a book? What if when you forget what you were going to say it's the author backspacing?