Trees as arrows

San Martino- I like these pieces because they are bright and fresh and have small details. I like the book format that it takes:


Solis designed by Richard Baird. "Solis is the fashion label of Tel Aviv-based Lisa Grishakova, a women’s clothing designer who balances texture, colour and pattern to create her collections.

Die cut with coloured card behind could work really nicely for the dominoes or connections concepts

Crossover Festival / Jonathan Finch

Crossover Festival branding and promotion materials designed by Jonathan Finch in collaboration with Stephanie Oglesby.

River Gala Poster

keywords: gala invitation benefit fundraiser party non-profit corporate brushstroke blue black San Antonio

Lead Image

With an open brief and a need to demonstrate first-class excellence across a range of printing processes, Design LSC got to try out most of the tricks in the book on these paper sample books.

Dominoes cover - have it so that when they sit side-by-side it all connects...

Folder for the design trio N°ID, including Gustav Carlberg, Kaja Solgaard and Iina Vuorivirta, at Stockholm Furniture Fair They have worked with Home as a .