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FPI's from Walter's Wardrobe (and the mill shoot hosted with a local studio that I styled, organised and collected the team, as well as modelling, before the…
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a woman with white feathers on her neck and dress around her neck, wearing a feathered collar
Photography by Rocky480, Stylist Jen Brook / Uploaded 13th November 2017 @ 10:33 PM
Style, Poses, Dress, Victorian, Victorian Dress, Collection, Wardrobe
a woman in a blue dress is standing on the stair railing at the top of a set of stairs
a woman sitting at a grand piano in a room with ornate walls and flooring
Models, Photographers, Couture, 1920s
a woman is standing in front of a large building wearing a white dress and posing for the camera
the back of a woman's dress in gold and silver with beads on it
a woman with red hair and earrings on her head, wearing a white evening dress
three women sitting on top of a bed in white gowns and headpieces
Doll Tutorial, Model, Headpiece, Sarah Gray, Makeup Studio
All Doll'd Up