Great space saver for bedrooms...leaves room for cool things!

Great space saver for bedrooms.leaves room for cool things! Great space saver for bedrooms.leaves room for cool things! Great space saver for bedrooms.leaves room for cool things!

A new way to manage the trains & cars?

Could use for cars - train idea ever for our ever growing collection of Thomas the train toys! They are normally just thrown in a bin.this way they can be put up and enjoyed when they aren't cruising the tracks!

DIY garden ideas

Tea pot planters hanging in the garden, Cool Idea. I don't have a stair like this, but hanging in the trees or along a picket fence, Very cute.

Wall display with thrift shop plates

Like this idea, maybe I can actually buy those onesie-twosie plates that seem lo lonely. plate wall decor-- I did this in my dining room.I found plate hangers for 99 cents and plates from the Goodwill and

12 cool ideas for shared kids rooms | BabyCenter Blog

12 cool ideas for shared kids rooms

Amazing Interior Design 10 Built-in Bunk Bed Kids Rooms with Clever Use of Space

Vintage  Scarf

Recommend Framer For Vintage Hermes Scarf? — Good Questions

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wall built in bookshelves

Not sure how I feel about the baby-blue shelves. I guess I want bookshelves to be warm, dark, Oxford-y colors. But I love the chandelier and the use of space here. And the a just world every library would have, and need, a ladder.

bedroom bookshelves

I'd never sleep in a room full of books.but could I read in a room with a bed in it?

More ideas
color. me. quirky.

Books, cafe, great windows overlooking a courtyard, Merci, Paris-- perfect.

Nigella Lawson in her library // via bluepoolroad

Nigella Lawson's study/library, by Ramona. Nigella Lucy Lawson is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster.

Bookshelf and Globes

Library and art collage , would do this exact thing in my house if I could, floor to ceiling art, floor to ceiling book shelves, and of course the ladder.

Odd that I love these spaces so much given that I'm slightly claustrophobic.

Love the idea of the icicle lights for a kids room! If we get a dream house which has a bedroom loft exactly like this, I'm goanna decorate it!


built in bunk beds Hubert for our future cabin. big rooms with built in bunk beds! one for girls and one for boys.

Home Library, love it!

Ladder for bookshelves = Awesome! Library wall - craftsman - Family Room - Philadelphia - Krieger + Associates Architects Inc

If only it had a spiral staircase going to the second level and it would be my dream room.

Want this! I want a bookcase wall.a wall of books. I have about a third of a wall now spread around my room and piled on the floor.

Amazing Loft Bed With A Closet Underneath - Great Space Saving Idea For A Kids Room

a solution for the no closet in a small room dilemma. a solution for the no closet in a small room dilemma. a solution for the no closet in a small room dilemma.

I am so jealous on so many levels! From an article about Putnam ladders on

DIY Home Projects

My dream home true room. Always, always wanted a room with tons of books and a ladder. I am sure this is a room somewhere in Heaven.

Teacup Display Shelf Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 4 -- just imagine those lit spaces lined with pretty antique tea cups!

Rows of matching Billy bookcases from Ikea work well here. Consider that the books and accessories offer the pop while the bookcases provide the background. (contemporary living room by Smith & Vansant Architects PC)