Hotdog Monster Toes Halloween Appetizer

Kids will love the gross-out factor of this tasty finger food. Recipe: Cocktail sausage tortillas Ketchup in dug out end. Toothpicks to hold tortilla

Tasty & Healthy Snack for the Kids

Cheese Finger Food Mozzarella string cheese Green bell pepper Cream cheese Wearing plastic gloves or sandwich bags over your h.


Bone Bread Sticks - Use breadstick dough (store bought or homemade) and cut into strips. Use scissors to snip the ends into 2 pieces and roll them down to make the bone shape. Dip in “bloody” marinara! For extra flavor sprinkle with garlic and Parmesan.


Mummy Dogs The kids are sure to love this idea! Instead of pigs in a blanket, take the mini hot dogs and wrap them up to look like mummies! Add a little dot of mustard for the yellow eyes and let the Halloween party begin!

For Ronnie & Me this Halloween?   Homemade  Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein Costumes

Coolest Frankenstein Costume

Homemade Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride of Frankenstein Costumes: For Frankenstein, we bought an over sized suit coat from a thrift store. He wore black pants and big black shoes. We patterned his make up after a photo

Or these ? Hairy Daddy Longlegs Cupcakes

daddy long legs cupcakes: Chocolate cupcake mix Chocolate icing Chocolate sprinkles Package of black string lace licorice Eye candy (bassette's liquorice all sorts)

Edible Eyeball Treats

Edible Eyeball Treats: What you'll need box vanilla pudding mix Jelly beans LifeSavers Gummies Plastic eggs 2 empty egg cartons

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