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watercolor painting of purple flowers on white paper
Annemiek Groenhout
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watercolor painting of an old house on the beach
Watercolor Tips For Beginners by John Lovett. Great website! He has a number of different lessons to read through online and learn from.
a person holding a paintbrush in front of a drawing of a dog looking out the window
How to Paint Field and Sky Watercolor Painting - thearts123.com
Dry Brush Tutorial for creating Texture in Watercolor. Easy to follow for beginners. Peter Sheeler - YouTube
a painting of a rooster with red feathers
a painting of a door and window on a brick building with green plants in the foreground
a watercolor painting of a white house with trees in the background and grass around it
Late Summer Afternoonoriginal Watercolor | Etsy
Late Summer Afternoon--ORIGINAL watercolor
two people walking down the street in the rain with an umbrella and one person holding an umbrella
Using counterchange to good effect
With the current heatwave hitting the British Isles I reckon it's rather nice to remind ourselves of those lovely cooling days of Englis...
a painting of a country road with a church in the distance
DVD - Creating Depth & Distance in your painting with Geoff Kersey
an abstract painting of a house with rusted paint on it's roof and walls
Beauty Fashion Gallery – Beauty Women & Fashion Gallery
Oriel Kooywood Gallery
a watercolor painting of a light house
Step-by-Step Watercolor Painting: Highland Light - Cape Cod - Leslie Fehling - Everyday Artist
Everyday Artist: Step-by-Step Watercolor Painting: Highland Light - Cape Cod
a watercolor painting of trees and the ocean
A quick and fun Watercolor demonstration of a Lake Shoreline painting. Easy to follow and learn.