Follow your own style, if you can't do a realistic drawing then don't push yourself to fill your entire sketchbook with things you can't do. While exploring different styles is a good thing you shouldn't be fake in your sketchbook

Calling this lass done. This drawing is small enough for me to scan so you can expect prints of her soon 🦄💘🌿✨

I would say I agree with most of these, except ask your teacher about decorating the cover of your sketchbook because that depends on what the moderators would want

My sketchbook and journal merge together. What great things to keep in mind! Thank you kelly and Mary too! 10 ways to improve your sketchbook Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy journalling journal

Artist uses fallen leaves as canvases to create landscapes artworks : if you were to do a project on nature this would be a really useful and creative idea you could interpret into your sketchbook

As the leaves begin to fall and blanket the ground, Polish artist Joanna Wirazka allows this seasonal process to inspire her.

Don't let pages be filled with annotations, whilst they are extremely important to have to get good marks, this is still your ART book, drawings need to be present throughout

Finding inspiration from traditional pop art techniques to compose a final structure for Marilyn Monroe. This is page allowed me to also look at different aspects within pop art and use combined colours to create a visual large-scale.

Doing a drawing and then overlaying it with clear plastic and doing something interesting to the drawing on the plastic is a creative way in presenting artwork. Also as the plastic is separate from your actual artwork any mistakes won't ruin your entire piece

Art idea stitch stereotypes over photos? Complex Structures - Patrick Hickley Hand printed cyanotypes on watercolour paper, with thread hand stitched over top.

A Level Art portraiture development

How to be successful and enjoy your A Level Art Exam

If you were to do a page in your sketchbook, arrange it in a way that makes you understand and like the way it looks. Everything doesn't have to be set out neatly and spaced out but then on the other hand don't feel the need to almost make the page look almost scrapbook like. Whatever your style is, stick to that layout.

On here I used different media to look into his work and make studies, to which I have then responded to by taking my own Blossfeldt style images.

Marion Bolognesi by Soundgeneration

Find parts of your perfect world on Indulgy, keep them for yourself, and share to others.

This is a page from my own sketchbook : mindmaps can be useful in showing different ideas you have. I added pictures from other artists to show what techniques I wanted to use and what I wanted to create

This is a page from my own sketchbook : mindmaps can be useful in showing different ideas you have.